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By constitution, Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees. It also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to Presbytery, the Director of Music, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, an appointed secretary and the church adminstrator (ex officio). The current chair is George Jolink and the past chair is Bob Swartman.

Check out the Archive of Recent Past Council Minutes below. For older minutes, consult the Church office




July - no meeting
August - no meeting
December - no meeting



January 2018

The Christian Development Committee is responsible for the care and feeding of the development of Christianity for three demographics within FSA: Children, Youth and Adults.

1) Deanne and David Pederson will be running a series on self compassion Jan 17, 24 and 31st from 2-4:00 pm.

2) Mining the mystery is back!  The BBL is running a 3 part series focused on dementia. February 4th, March 4th and April 8th.

3) We provided costumes, cider and cookies for the 6:30 pm Christmas Eve service.

4) Youth group is up and running for 2 Friday nights per month.

5) We will be hosting Project GO this summer.  It is a week long day camp that focuses on social justice and outreach.  The leadership team from Toronto will be working with local organizations with our kids.  This will be the week of August 13, 2018.

6) There are a few youth attending Worshiplude in Ottawa.

7) Sing for Your Supper will begin January 17th.

8)  We will offer 2 weeks of VBS July 23 – 27 and Aug 13-17, 2018

9) Camp Kee Mo Kee weekend has been chosen and booked for June 1-3, 2018.

10) We hosted the SWELL on December 29th, there was a great youth turnout.  Thank you to Jane Dockrill for being the FSA representation.

11) The youth will be running a Souper Sunday again so keep your eyes and stomachs ready!

12) There is a group of youth who are working on planning a mission trip within Canada for this summer.  Their hope is to work on something that helps build relationships with indigenous youth.  Their trip is coming together.  They will be going August 20, 2018.

13) Our Lenten project this year will focus on raising awareness of poverty within the London community.  We will be highlighting and working with 6 organizations: Mission Services, St Paul’s Daily Bread, Camp Kee Mo Kee, My Sister’s Place, Merrymount, and Beth Emmanuael (Breads not Stones).  “Warming the World”

14) Big Circle Breakfast will be March 25th.  Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper will be February 13th.

January 2018

While the committee does not meet until Wednesday January 17, 2018 the following is for your information:

  • FSA web page has been updated, special thanks to Jim for all of his efforts and continued work in this area.
  • On the web page and attached documents are the new procedural steps for Marketing assistance from C&M. These templates are also available online. C&M will not begin any project or event that requires outside the church promotion until the formal request has been submitted. This as you can see by the attachment’s is done more so to expedite the information flow, limit the number of revisions, and save the volunteers countless hours in preparation.
  • As a reminder, please revert back from the 185th templates and use the approved templates as found on the web page. Please advise if you need any assistance with these.


January 2018

This Month's Financial Picture

The deficit for November is -$862 vs a budgeted deficit (loss) of -$5,781. The year-to-date surplus is $1,492. The deficit for November is -$862 vs a budgeted deficit (loss) of -$5,781. The year-to-date surplus is $1,492. The result for November is encouraging and with the Christmas appeal the finance committee believes that FSA will be in a positive position at the end of December. Not that we want to celebrate prematurely, however, the committee thanks everyone for working together to go from a projected deficit, for 2017, to a surplus.

To possibly replace DonorPerfect
Kerry Hill has submitted to his report and after discussion the committee will table the report, with the data needs from many sources and how to proceed to find a possible new software to replace DonorPerfect. We will continue to use DonorPerfect for tax receipting 2017. At the conclusion of the Year-End work we will endeavour to proceed with finding a software that can meet FSA’s needs and review what other UC’s are using for data collection for the Role and if using the same software for tax receipting. DonorPerfect has no impact on our General Ledger software.

Stewardship campaign
347 pledge letters sent and 113 received. Pledges increased givings by 1.2% over 2017. The amount of the increase appears small but it takes in the various decreases and increases and no changes that were submitted. The committee will use the pledge information for the draft budget ‘givings’ for 2018.

Capital Request Forms
None this month for approval by the Finance Committee

Gift Cards
The Trustees have generously offered to cover the cost of the inventory of the FSA Gift Cards to the value of $15,000. This has a favourable impact to FSA as only the net revenue from the gift card sales will be recorded on the Financial Statements, as you may have noticed for the November statement. Any inventory greater than the $15,000 will impact the net revenue from the sale of the Gift Cards. The net revenue for the year to date is approximately $2100. With this news there is excitement by the Gift Card team and they will be ordering cards that they have not ordered in the past to boost sales. The committee encourages everyone to visit the Gift Card table after church on Sundays and support this revenue stream for FSA.
Thanks to the Trustees for this solution to assist the revenue of FSA and the Gift Card team for their work in promoting the cards as a way to support the work of FSA.

Proposal for an improved Monthly Financial statement
In February the committee will present to council an proposal for an improvement to FSA’s Financial Statement. The improved statement will include Year to Date and monthly columns. This way you will not have to read each month across the sheet and try to figure out where you

January 2018

January 2018

Our speaker for Mission Sunday, February 4, will be Nancy Howard, a member of FSA, and the Director of the ELUCO (East London United Church Outreach) program.
Tickets for the Jazz Concert with Sonia Gustafson at FSA on Friday, January 26 are available in the church office and online using Eventbrite.  This is a fundraiser for ELUCO.
The FSA Golf Tournament committee met on January 4 to discuss initial plans for this year’s tournament on June 9.  The committee will meet again on February 22.

The amount collected on Christmas Eve from the Communion service for St. Paul’s Daily Bread was $465.05

January 2018

2. Subcommittee for the Arts/Music Formed
A subcommittee of the Ad Hoc Planning Committee has been formed to continue the Arts/Music
initiative. This subcommittee will plan a monthly “Arts after Five” meet and greet for people in
the Arts and Music community. The after work gathering will likely be held in the Parlour with
wine and cheese served. Members of the subcommittee are Terry Head, Ardath Finnbogason-Hill,
Merran Neville, Nancy Johnson, Kathryn Patton, and Glenda Robinson.
3. Serving Wine/Beer at Events
We learned from the Canadian Brass concert in November that it is better to serve the drinks in
the Atrium. People did not go to Proudfoot Hall to purchase drinks. Sales were more successful
for the dinners at The Gift of the Magi. Someone with Smart Serve certification has to be
involved to sell alcohol at events.
4. Advent Noon Recitals/Lunches Expenses/Revenues
After a review of the expenses/revenues at the lunches, the committee voted to increase the cost
of the lunch to $8/person. This will be applied at the Lenten Recital lunches.
5. Coffee & Conversation
The Music Committee will be responsible for Coffee and Conversation for the month of
February, although MOE is covering Feb. 4.
6. Friends of Music Terms of Reference
The new Friends of Music Terms of Reference is now complete and available with this report.
7. Tuskegee Golden Voices Choir Visit and Concert March 7
The concert promoter has provided a poster and press release. The Tuskegee Choir will give a
workshop to London choirs on the afternoon of the concert. The Music Committee will be
responsible for assisting with pre-concert refreshments for the choir and a post-concert meal. All
costs will be covered by the ticket sales. Tickets are $25.
8. Elijah Performance
Terry and the Music Committee are looking for sponsors to help offset the concert costs of this
production. Suggestions are invited.
9. 50th Anniversary of the FSA Organ
2018 is the 50th anniversary of our Casavant organ. Terry hopes to bring a guest organist, in
collaboration with the RCCO, to celebrate this anniversary.
10. Concert with Classical Guitarist Liona Boyd
Classical guitarist Liona Boyd will be including FSA on her Canadian Tour later in 2018. She
will be performing with the Senior Choir on Dec. 7. We will receive 25% of the ticket sales.
11. Senior Choir
The Senior Choir has started rehearsals for Elijah and has a combined rehearsal with London Pro
Music on Jan. 20. The choir will be performing the Rutter Requium at the Good Friday service
at FSA. A workshop is being planned for the choir with clinician Elizabeth MacDonald, a vocal
professor from the University of Toronto.
12. Laudamus Bells
The Laudamus Bells ended 2017 on a high note with their concert on Dec. 15, the last in the
Advent Noon Recitals. Rehearsals begin Jan. 11.
13. Junior Choirs
The delightful performance of A Play in a Manger on Sunday, Dec 17 involved all the children
of the church, including some of the teens. Terry is planning a similar production on May 6.
14. FSA Strings
The FSA strings performed beautifully at the Christmas Eve Service. Thank you to Bruce
Richardson for once more bringing the group together.

January 2018

 Maintenance & Improvements

  • 185 Year banner was removed.
  • South Narthex exterior metal railing – An additional portion of the railing rusted and became unsecure. That portion was removed.
  • Parlour carpet touch up, Atrium mat cleaning and basement floor refinishing was completed by Jerry Lynch Services.
  • Atrium glass roof section: A small water leak started where the glass meets the roof. Will have to investigate when the snow melts.
  • West exterior Narthex light fixture: Electrical wiring has deteriorated, and the lamp is no longer working. The fixture will have to be removed and rewired.
  • Boiler: A tank gasket split and a water leak began. Since the leak was minor we waited till a break in the cold weather to drain the boiler and repair. HCD completed the repair.
  • Proudfoot Hall entrance boiler condensate return pump motor: HCD replaced the defective electrical motor.
  • Proudfoot Hall radiator covers. HCD supplied modified covers to accommodate the new steam valve recently replaced. I have now installed them. To be painted.
  • Horizon Solutions submitted a quote to upgrade the Sanctuary pot lights to LED. Will share details at Property Meeting.
  • Administrator was issued a master key. The master key lock replacement project will continue in 2018.
  • Receptionist was issued keys for the sewing and quilting basement storage rooms.
  • Proudfoot Hall Kitchen: The refrigerator was replaced by Mudge’s Appliances.
  • Farquhar house roofing repairs: Additional repairs to main roof slates will be required. The repair quote by Courtney Roofing is $4285.00. This included a mechanical lift and replacement slate material. The old slate previously removed in 2017 was too thin to re-use.
  • Green Room / 2nd floor Promusica music storage: Promusica complained the room was too hot. Steam valves are ceased and need replacing in that room to shut off radiators.
  • Parking lot: Snow accumulation from plowing has resulted in the loss of 10 parking spots. Jeff Skinner services quoted $2000 to relocate parking lot snow to the front yard and $3000 to relocate the parking lot and other accumulation around the building. Jeff noted that any additional snowfall would increase the price.


  • Administrator external UPS battery expired and was removed. It is not a critical part of the computer system and will not be replaced.
  • The computer was removed from the future Kee-Mo-Kee office. They will supply their own. Separate phone and copier services are currently being set up.
Administrator laptop: The hard drive failed. The laptop was replaced with the new Facilities computer and I reverted to my old computer. The laptop hard drive will be replaced but it is expected that the Administrator will keep the newer computer as it is more reliable

January 2018

The last Board of Trustees meeting was held on November 22, 2017 and our next meeting is scheduled for January 25, 2018.


  •  Investments as of December 29, 2017, unaudited:                                                                                
    • The RESTRICTED trust funds:
      • Proudfoot Legacy Restricted Fund         $ 2,500,000
      • Brown Fund                                          $    597,317
      • Clark Fund                                            $      91,262
      • Eberhard Fund                                      $      60,243
      • Wilson Fund                                          $      22,580
      • Bass Fund                                            $      24,477
        • TOTAL  RESTRICTED                $ 3,295,879      
    • Proudfoot Legacy UNRESTRICTED Trust Fund   $ 1,053,841
    • TOTAL TRUST FUNDS                                      $ 4,349,720


    • Already paid for 2017 Operations & Capital Expenses:
      • From Proudfoot for operations               $  100,000
      • From Proudfoot for Farquhar painting     $    16,673
      • From Proudfoot for railing & FH roofing  $    14,784
      • From Proudfoot for re-plastering narthex $    13,560
      • From Clark Fund for continuing ed.        $      3,039
      • From Brown for operations                    $    29,335
        • TOTAL                                     $  177,391
    • Committed, awaiting payment for remaining 2017 Operations and Capital Expenses:
      • From Clark for continuing education       $             ? awaiting CA input
      • From Brown for committee expenses      $             ? awaiting CA input
      • From Wilson for chapel organ move       $      4,000  2018 capital expense
      • From Proudfoot to Worship for Head      $      2,500        
        • TOTAL                                      $      6,500 +


The total of expenses for 2017 Operations and Capital Expenses is $ 183,891+.

    • Potential future Capital Projects
      • For new electronic sign                          $    25,000         not approved
      • Conversion to LED lighting in sanctuary  $                      not yet estimated


    • With the agreement of Finance, Trustees have provided a $15,000 no-interest loan, from the Trust Fund cash position, to finance the cost of the inventory of the shopping cards in supporting the good work of the Shopping Card Committee. Trustees recommend that all individuals and committees more actively use this program as it is an important source of income for the church.
    •  2017 investment performance was strong at 6.4% and the 9 year compound performance for January 2009 to December 2017 is 5.1%.
    • When looking at future years pro formas from Finance, Trustees are concerned about crossing two red lines: one when envelope givings do not cover the M&P staff expenses; the second when income from Proudfoot Legacy Funds do not cover the need for trust fund revenues for Operations and therefore Trust Fund capital would be eroded. These are both forecast to occur in the next 2 to 4 years. It was recommended that this be presented in depth for consideration at a future Council Executive meeting, after the end of the 2018 financial budget cycle.
    • Equity asset mix is now 40% of all assets, the limit allowed by the Investment Policy,
  • The Memorial Committee report
      • During the ministry of the Rev. Tony Gazzard (1980 to 1989) a First Nation’s walking stick was presented to FSA.  The Memorials Committee will investigate the whereabouts of the walking stick.  It was also requested that a search be made for two free standing ornamental iron candelabras (gold in colour), each about 5 feet in height with 4 holders on each. Please advise Trustees if you know of the whereabouts of these objects.


  • Future Trustee Meeting
  • Camp Kee-Mo-Kee has approached FSA for support of their capital project plan for the next 5 years. CD is interested in supporting this initiative. Mary Ann Hodge, Chair of Kee-Mo-Kee, is being invited to present to the Trustees and CD at the January meeting of Trustees.


  • General:          
      • Trustees have agreed to host Coffee and Conversation for a month in 2018 and have advised Deanne Pedersen so it can be scheduled.
      • Work has begun on hosting an Estate seminar dealing with financial planning, role of the executor, tax consequences, will writing, legacy gifts and more related topics. Stay tuned for more information.
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January 2018

January 2018

Liturgist Training and Seminar on Prayer
The date was moved to Jan. 15. David McKane is hosting a session on prayer and why we worship the way we do. All are welcome.
Ornament Sales
Ornament sales amounted to $1565. The cost was $2100. The committee will sell them again next year. Trustees offered to pay for ornaments to go to shut-ins, but David did not get the message and no ornaments were distributed.
Dealing with Disturbing People during Worship
During discussion it was agreed that having some policy was desirable in light of events both locally and internationally and that the policy should embody a process involving a “response team”. A policy, incorporating the ideas from the Worship Committee, will be written and presented to the Worship Committee at our next meeting. After approval, it will be presented to Council.
Worship Services
Michelle presented an outline for Worship Services for 2018. The Worship Services during Lent will align with the Sunday School project for Lent, and invite Community Partners in for Services during Lent.
Anniversary Service
We are thinking about who to invite to be our Anniversary Speaker. There was no consensus.
In response to input from attendees at the Proudfoot Lecture, we had a discussion about how we can communicate “Who we are and what we do”. A time during the Worship Service could give us an opportunity to get to know individuals and find out what they do to put their faith in action in the church and the community.
Jane presented a budget for approval. More money is required for guest preachers, as we do not have an associate minister to preach when Michelle is away. Jim indicated that the communion cloth will need to be replaced. Michelle asked for money to be put into the budget should she require something to enhance the Worship Service.
There will be a Baptism on Jan. 28.



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