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Council is composed of the chairs of the churches administrative committees by constitution. It also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to Presbytery, the Director of Music, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, an appointed secretary and the church adminsitrator (ex officio). The current chair is George Jolink and the past chair is Bob Swartman.

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Report to Council

october 2017 2017


Report to Council
october 2017

Communications & Marketing Committee meeting of September 26, 2017

The committee welcomed Barb Dalrymple to the meeting on behalf of MOE, and to further discuss the letter that came out of their most recent meeting and specific concerns with “enhancing our visibility and awareness of the team within our church community”. The committee along with Barb discussed the items in detail, recommended some action that we could take, and referred other items to the committee in charge of that specific area. Barb and or MOE will follow up with us on the actions that we can take.

Doors Open
A detailed report was tabled from the co-chairs Pat Tripp and Heather Locking-Cusolito. After some discussion the committee has deferred any decision on applying for the 2018 event until such time as we hear from Innovation London on the details and level of support we can expect from them.
The online ticking system has been established, and early report indicate it is being used and the communication to us from the vendor is excellent. Links have been imbedded in all of our online material directing those to the site to purchase tickets.
Electronic sign
While we as a committee do see not only the need of this, but the importance and ease in which we can get the message out to the community we are not sure if the congregation is behind this. The question of taking a step back, and or possibly scaling down the project was discussed and it is the unanimous decision of the committee to not step back or scale back the technology over the funds.
We are asking each committee if they feel that this is a worthwhile venture, and are they supportive of this? Attached is some communication from the distributor on signage.

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  1. Statement of Revenues and Expenses as of September 30, 2017                                     

See attached statements - as presented, the surplus for September is $1963 vs a budgeted deficit (loss) of -$2812.   The year-to-date deficit (loss) is ($5225).

The result for September is encouraging and the finance committee thanks the committees for being below budget for September and their respective Year-to-Date results.

  1. To continue or not to continue with DonorPerfect

The committee, through the church administrator, has started to collect the data requirements for what is needed and what access to data will be required. Kerry Hill, Heather Vouvalidis and Kerry Stover met with the owner of CoreSolutions, a software development company in London.  Core Solutions have written custom software for companies not only in London but other companies in Southwestern Ontario and North America. It was decided that the committee will need to continue to collect the requirements and Kerry Hill has agreed to take on that task for the committee.  Based on the requirements the finance committee will assess current market (out of the box) software to evaluate if any can meet the various requirements.

  1. Stewardship campaign (kick off on Oct. 15)

 The church administrator will prepare the pledge form, with assistance from the receptionist for the mail merge, folding and stuffing of envelopes. The stewardship message/letter will be written by council chair.
Although we would like to email the pledge forms, we think that the pledge form, for this year, would indicate by check box if the member of the congregation would want an email for future pledge mailings. 
The proposed date for mailing the pledge forms will be Oct. 31st.  An RSVP date of Nov.  17th will be included in the letter.   The finance committee would like to achieve a return rate, for returned pledge forms, greater than last year’s 42% return rate.  The only way to accomplish this is for the members of the finance committee to call the persons who have not returned their pledge forms. The committee will endeavor to have that work completed by the end of the first week of December. 

For the bulletin the finance committee will provide a short report on the givings and what we spent for the month and the year-to-date figures.  September’s numbers will be in the Oct. 22 bulletin. 

  1. Capital Request Forms

None this month for approval by the Finance Committee.

  1. Gift Cards

The finance committee would like to review the relevance of the gift card program in the new year; considering the amount of work for volunteers, the amount of workload for the church administrator, benefits or other considerations for the congregation and the revenue generated.

  1. FSA submission to UCC Mission & Service

For unexplainable reasons FSA’s remittance to the UCC M&S was behind for the 2017 payments. FSA is current with the amounts we should be sending to M&S. FSA has been collecting the monies through PAR, so there is no reason not to send to UCC M&S on a regular basis. The church administrator and the treasurer have created a calendar for the dates to send FSA’s M&S givings in 2018.

Report to Council
october 20172017


Report to Council
october 2017 2017


Report to Council

october 2017

Motion:  To move the Chapel organ into the Sanctuary, on a moveable platform, using funds from C. Wilson Trust and already donated funds, with a completion date of 2018.
                The small tracker organ in the Chapel at FSA has not been used for some time.  According to discussions with Paul Merritt and others, the organ has not been used for quite a period of time.  Moving the organ to the Sanctuary would allow for the instrument to be used more.  When services are held in the Chapel, they are usually very small in nature and the piano produces sufficient sound to accompany any singing, or provide service music as needed in those situations.
The concept of moving the organ to the Sanctuary would allow for it to be used to accompany the choir at times when the choir is singing from the chancel.  It could also be used as a continuo instrument, to play with the FSA Strings, and for community partners when they use our space for concerts.  There have been several times that a portative organ has been either rented or brought in, to accompany orchestral players or for choral concerts.
The movement of the organ would in no way be intended to replace the Casavant organ in the Gallery for regular Sunday Services.  It would be used on occasion, and for very specific purposes, but at least it would be used.
To move the organ would require some dismantling of the instrument, which would allow for cleaning and servicing it before putting it back together in the sanctuary.  A moveable platform would be built with locking, mark-free casters to allow the instrument to be adjusted into a workable position when needed and when not used, kept over on the north-east side of the Sanctuary (lectern-side).  The door on the north-east wall is not a fire exit door, and therefore the organ would not be in the way.  The organ would not cover the door but would still allow for traffic movement through that door.
A quote was provided by Robert Kennedy to build a proper platform, and Dodington and Dodington have been approached about the moving and servicing of the instrument.  As a result, the Trustees were approached about the possibility of using some monies from the C. Wilson Trust to help with the cost of this project.  Approval has been offered by the Trustees to use $4,000 from the trust which was created in memory of a former bass soloist at FSA.  The remaining $1,000 has already been donated. 
The cost to complete the work is approximately $3,000 for the dismantling, cleaning, servicing, and reassembly of the instrument, plus HST (a large portion of which would be recovered by the church).  The cost to build the platform would be approximately $450.00 for materials only. 
Again, the intention of moving the organ is not to replace the usage of the current Sanctuary organ, but to be able to enhance the music at FSA, and to be able to offer something else to our community partners as we look toward further collaborations in music and the arts.  In consultation with many people including a couple of former organists, the feeling is that this is a worthwhile venture to help enhance what we already offer.
Although the concept of the moving of the organ has already been discussed before council, the Music Committee is bringing this formal motion to Council for approval to use the funds as listed above.

Respectfully submitted by Terry Head – Director of Music, FSA

Report to Council
october 2017

  • A Hover vacuum cleaner was purchased to be permanently stored in the closet of the D. Carter rental rooms. This will eliminate carrying heavy equipment from the basement to the upper rental rooms on a weekly basis.

·         Proudfoot Hall light fixtures were cleaned and the fluorescent lamps were replaced with an equivalent LED lamp.
·          A Chubb ID has been ordered for Kathryn Skelly so she can communicate with Chubb security company. Katheryn was also issued a key for the exterior doors and a second-floor door key.
·         The old range in the Fireside Kitchen was picked up by a local recycler and the newer donated range was installed.
·         There was an attempt to enter the building through the library window which damaged the screen. Screen repairs and window metal bars installation are in process.
·         Basement hallway floor refinishing has begun by an outside contractor, Gerry Lynch.
·         A desktop elevation device was purchased and install in Jane Dockril's office to allow her to work standing up. An ergonomic chair was also purchased for her to replace a worn-out chair.
·         Top soil has been delivered and David Beach is currently levelling areas of the lawn displaced by heavy equipment.
·         Fall fertilizer and grass seed was delivered for lawn repair in process.
·         A roof inspection was completed by Drew MacDonald / Courtney Roofing of the flat roof above D. Carter rental rooms. Heavy rains regularly cause water leakage inside. Too much water is draining onto the flat roof with one 4" drain. The following roofs drain directly to the flat roof: half of the east Sanctuary, East Chancel and Upper Room roofs. A solution to redirect water is needed. Drew has also asked FSA to monitor/video roof water levels during heavy rains.
·         The Proudfoot Hall Kitchen refrigerator was found not working at a Sing for your Supper event. It was in an extended defrost cycle and is now working again. This is not the first occurrence. Temperatures drop well below safe food handling limits. London Major Appliance stated that it was a failing thermostat causing the problem. A new thermostat (if still available since the appliance is approx. 10-15 years old) is approx. $200 + $100 installation. A replacement 18 cubic foot refrigerator has been on sale for $1249. Please advise.
·         London Hydro had a planned power shut down Sunday, October 1. We were able to coordinate the shutdown with FSA events.
·         Deacon flooring repaired the seams in the carpet at the Fireside Room. Approximately 10 inches of new carpet replaced the damaged seams in three locations. The original under pad and carpet was double glued making it a long process.
·         Deacon Flooring repaired the seams that were splitting in the Sanctuary carpet with 4 inches of glue each side. They stated that this was a temporary fix. All the carpet glue has dried out and turned to powder. Carpet seams are likely to split when pianos are rolled on the carpet. They are unable to re-glue the carpet due to backing deterioration.
·         Horizon Solutions installed a new projector screen at the Proudfoot Hall stage. ABC Electric completed the necessary electrical for the installation. The screen was relocated outside the stage curtains to keep the curtains closed during a presentation.
·         ABC Electric installed the necessary electrical source for the future Fire Alarm monitoring upgrade. 120V from the adjacent breaker panel to two 24V transformers.
·         ABC Electric relocated the exterior Chancel window LED fixture to prevent light from shining directly at people sitting in the pews.
·         A new portable podium was delivered and assembled to replace the damaged one. It is an identical replacement.
·         Parlour carpet cleaning was completed by Gerry Lynch Services.
·         Boiler start up was not successful. HCD found a flame failure condition was caused by water in the fire eye sensor. Manual drying the sensor resolved the issue and the boiler is now functioning normal.
·          Excessive heat after the boiler start up was found in the Proudfoot Hall and Fireside rooms. HCD made adjustments to the Fireside thermostat. HCD will return next week to address the Proudfoot Hall heat issue.
·         Ken Martin services removed the 3 office window AC units for servicing and winter storage.

                                                                              REPORT TO COUNCIL

october 2017


Report to Council

october 2017


Bread Not Stones form letter to the PMO

Report to Council

october 2017

Barb Dalrymple attended to discuss Mission Sunday and the Minute for Mission. The Minute for Mission has been changed to a Mission Message, and will be no longer than 1.5 minutes.
The Workshop for Liturgists, led by David McKane, has been postponed to an indefinite date, as David has been travelling.
Michelle has met with Liturgists in 6 week units to orient them to the change in their role.
The Christmas tree ornaments have arrived, and will be on sale in November.
The list of names and jobs will be removed from the Sunday programme and put on the e-mail blast and the slide show.
Nov. 5 – Remembrance Sunday – Rev. Ann Beattie Stokes
Nov. 12 – David McKane
Nov. 19 – Michelle and Terry are working on this Sunday.
Nov. 21 – (Tuesday) Gary Patterson, former Moderator of the United Church, will speak on Spirituality and Religion.
Nov. 26 – Kate Crawford