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Report to Council

May 2017

1) The date for the Camp Kee Mo Kee weekend has been reserved.  June 2-4, 2017.  There will only be a worship service at Kee Mo Kee beginning at 11:00.  We will be having a potluck lunch and have asked all the committees to bring food.  There will be a bus with 16 spaces available, 10 of which are still available.  The bus will leave at 10:30 from FSA.

2) The BBL finished their series of Mining the Mystery in April.  They did an amazing job of organizing this event.  Thank you!  The proceeds from this series will cover the cost of the new portable sound system, the honorariums for the speakers and the remainder will go towards sending a child to Camp Kee Mo Kee.

3) The children’s musical and confirmation were very well received.  Thank you to all of the volunteers and staff who made these events so successful!

4) Church School is in need of teachers.  Please offer to help!  The current story (The Sower) will be taught until June.  Then we will have Spirit Games for the last weekends in June.

5) The summer camp at FSA will be July 10-14, 2017.

6) We had to cancel the Recomposing a life program due to lack of interest.  We are willing to hold this program in the fall.

7)  We will not be providing nursery staff this summer. 

8) CD has purchased 2 of the books for the Book Club so they can circulate the book among the members.

9) CD will be in discussion with Met through the fall in regards to their ReVitalize workshop in the spring and potentially being a second host site.

10) We are working with the 185th committee to support programs this year.

Report to Council
May 2017


report to council

May 2017

1. There have been instances where certain expenses have been incurred for the benefit of FSA but for which there was no budget and no prior approval. In addition, there has been some instances where some committees have been asked by the electronic sign committee to allocate part of their budget to the electronic sign fund.

Finance is requesting that anyone contemplating any non-budgeted expense refer this to Finance, who will review and send to Council for a final decision. Also, any request to transfer part of one budget to another committee or event should be submitted to Finance for review, and ultimately to Council if necessary, for a final decision
This had been put forward at the last Council Meeting on April 18, 2017, but there was insufficient time for discussion. This request will be tabled again at the Council Meeting on May 16, 2017.

2. Statement of Revenue and Expenses for March submitted for information purposes.

The deficit for March amounted to $7,792 compared with a budgeted deficit of $4,996. The budgeted deficit to the end of March is $6,782.

3. Budget 2017 (draft)

The attached Budget for 2017 eliminates the Visitation Minister position after Tom Hiscock retires.  The Committee believes that it is fiscally responsible to reduce expenditures when feasible. It is the recommendation that Finance Committee propose this budget for acceptance by Council on May 16, 2017.
It was acknowledged that there is a continuing need for pastoral visitation. Perhaps volunteers could be coordinated by one or two other Committees

4. Request from the Worship Committee for bridge financing of $2,079 to purchase 200 Pewter Christmas ornaments with the possibility of generating a profit of $1,921.
Any profit is to be allocated to the electronic sign.

On May 9 Finance reviewed and agreed to recommend this proposal to Council for approval.

Report to Council
May 2017

Report to Council
May 2017

Registration for the White Squirrel Golf Tournament in Exeter on June 10 continues with a record number of people signed up.  Plan to attend this very enjoyable event which offers golf, a nature walk and a delicious dinner.  Register at C and C on Sunday mornings or contact Diane Knoppert – 519-668-4063.  Details available on the FSA website.  Sincere thanks are extended to Diane, Margo Christodoulou, Liz Galbraith and the rest of the Golf Committee for their diligent work over the past several years.
The Rotary Club is collecting French language books suitable for children and adults to send to Haiti.  They can be purchased at the Attic Book Store
Linda Badke is retiring from the ELUCO board after many years of conscientious service.  She will advertise for a replacement.
The annual Soup and Sandwich fundraiser for St. Paul’s Daily Bread was held at the London Club on May 15.  Several FSA members attended.  The keynote speaker was Rev Canon Ken Brooks. Co-Chair of the Diocesan College of Deacons and member of the Social Justice Committee.  His legal practice focuses on Poverty Law
Sundae Sunday will be held at the potluck lunch following the June 4 worship service at Camp Kee Mo Kee.  MOE members will serve the ice-cream; a donation basket will be available.
Our committee will be actively searching for two or more people to convene the Golf Tournament next year.  Diane Knoppert and Margo Christodoulou announced their retirement from this responsibility after this year.  Please consider this request and contact a member of the MOE committee if you can assist with this very important fund raising activity which supports local as well as international charities.

Report to Council

May 2017


Report to Council

May 2017


Report to Council
May 2017


Report to Council
May 2017

No report received

                                                                              REPORT TO COUNCIL

May 2017

The Board of Trustees last meeting was held on April 21, 2017 and here are the highlights of that meeting. Our next meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2017.

  • The Investment Committee report:                                                                                         
    • The restricted trust funds at March 31, 2017 are:
      • Proudfoot Legacy RESTRICTED Fund   $ 2,500,000
      • Brown Fund                                          $    606,737
      • Clark Fund                                            $      90,697
      • Eberhard Fund                                      $      53,586
      • Wilson Fund                                          $      21,972
      • Bass Fund                                            $      23,601
        • TOTAL  RESTRICTED                $ 3,296,593
    • Proudfoot Legacy UNRESTRICTED Trust Fund   $ 1,003,499
    • TOTAL TRUST FUNDS                                      $ 4,300,092


    • Committed for 2017 Operations:
      • From Proudfoot Fund                            $  100,000
      • From Jean Brown Fund                         $    38,500
      • From Clark Fund                                   $      4,900
        • TOTAL                                     $  143,400
    • Planned for 2017 Capital Projects, from Proudfoot Legacy Trust Fund:
      • For insurance ded. for July break-in        $      5,000         awaiting insurer invoice
      • For balcony railing & Farquhar                $    32,163         3 x CRFs approved
        • TOTAL                                      $    37,163


    • Potential 2017 Capital Projects
      • For new electronic sign                          $    25,000         est., not presented for approval
      • For Fireside room improvements            $    50,000         est., from Property, not presented for approval
        • TOTAL                                      $    75,000
    • The 3 x CRFs for higher balcony railing, Farquhar House roofing for the lower north roof and for Farquhar House painting of the exterior were approved at the April meeting of Trustees.
    • March 2017 ytd investment performance is 2.5% and the 8 year compound performance for January 2009 to December 2016 is 5.0%.
    • Equity asset mix is now 38% of all assets, Annual Income from dividends and interest represent 3.0% of the performance of the Trust Funds.


  • The Insurance Committee report:
  • Further work continues on updating the 2008 electronic list of assets, with copies to be kept in the church office and at June McKay’s home. Renewal of the insurance policy is due in June 2017 and is underway.
  •     The Memorials Committee report:
      • The May 7, 2017 Service celebrates the lives of Jean and Maurice Comfort, Donna and Arnold Spencer and Laura Swartman by the placing of leaves on the Proudfoot Legacy Tree, thanks to their generous bequests.
      • Plaques for the two outside benches in memory and celebration of the life of Helen Payne are being dedicated.


  • The Eberhard Memorial Music Scholarship Fund

Terms of Reference for The Eberhard Memorial Music Scholarship Fund were circulated.
The Terms include a history of the fund, qualifications and responsibilities of the scholar, selection criteria of the scholar, and management of the fund.  John Eberhard and Terry Head, The Terms of Reference have been approved by the Music Committee and have been ratified by Trustees.

  • The Long Term Giving Committee report:
  • The Board reviewed a draft of the Legacy Gift Policy, after feedback from the Stewardship and Gifts Officer for London Conference. This will again be on the Agenda for the June Trustee meeting for approval, before bringing it to Council.

Report to Council

May 2017

No Report Received

Report to Council

May 2017

Worship Feedback:

  • It was decided that the raw data from the feedback exercise would be withdrawn from the Library and placed in the care of Jim Silcox, secretary of Worship.
  • The Action Plan, the Worship Committee’s response to the information from the Feedback, will be placed on tables in the Narthex and the Atrium after being shared with Council. It will also be made available on the web.

Worship’s Fundraiser for the Sign:

  • Pending Council’s approval of our requests for funds, we will order 200 ornaments with a picture of the church, along with the words, “First-St. Andrew’s United Church” on the front. On the obverse would be the words “Established 1832, Moving Forward in Faith”. They would be sold for $20 each during the Fall, including the Boutique Bazaar.

Review of Worship Services:

  • The Easter Service received much positive congregational feedback.
  • The Children’s Musical and Confirmation were great successes. Jim will arrange to put the verbal testimonies of the confirmands on the web.

Kee Mo Kee Service:

  • Michelle, Terry, Jane D., Jim and Allyson will meet to plan the service. There will be communion at Kee Mo Kee.

Other Business:

  • Michelle has begun to meet with Liturgists who have had challenges in order to provide feedback and guidance.
  • Michelle will be conducting a small wedding in the Chapel on Wed. May 10.
  • Worship approved an upcoming Baptism of the child of Alicia Cooper-Cox on June 25.
  • Large print hymnbooks are very much in demand despite the purchase of new books last year. We will see if the Youth Group will take on the responsibility of rounding up the large print books prior to each service.

Upcoming Worship Services:

  • May 21 – Greening of the Cross – David McKane preaching
  • May 28 – London Conference – Kerry Stover preaching
  • June 4 – Communion at Camp Kee Mo Kee

June 11 – Michelle preaching at St. David’s Woodstock – Ken Whatman preaching