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FSA Council News

By constitution, Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees. It also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to Presbytery, the Director of Music, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, an appointed secretary and the church adminstrator (ex officio). The current chair is George Jolink and the past chair is Bob Swartman.

Check out the Archive of Recent Past Council Minutes below. For older minutes, consult the Church office




July - no meeting
August - no meeting
December - no meeting


March - no meeting
May (Exec Committee)

June 2018

From the meetings of May 22, 2018, and Special Tidings Meeting of May 27, 2018

The committee reviewed the promotions already in place and mapped out plans for the summer months. Sincere thanks to all committees and individuals utilizing the online forms for promotion of their specific events.
Preliminary work has started on the proposed Jazz series, and we are waiting on additional information from the group to finalize the promotion strategies.

 A special meeting of the Tidings team was held on Sunday May 27, 2018. It was announced some time ago that Pat McGregor was stepping down as editor and the search for her replacement began immediately.

  • An online and personal appeal has been made to several offering the job, all to-date without success.
  • A realignment of some of the editor’s duties was considered in the search, again without much success.
  • The question of switching to just an online version with very limited print copies was discussed. Out of this discussion was the idea that the congregation be asked for their input on the question. The results received while not large in quantity did support the idea of remaining as we currently are.
  • C&M along with Tidings have contract to advertisers in place until December 2018, and we will honor those contracts but with out an Editor in place by September 2018 the future of tidings in 2019 is at risk.
  • We are continuing to search for a replacement, and if anyone has suggestions please forward them on to Pat McGregor.

The next meeting of C&M is Tuesday September 11, 2018.

Note that Worship has combined with CD as a single committee

Look for their report in the alpha list of committees as Faith Development

June 2018

June 2018

  1. Michelle has been asked by General Council to help facilitate the Affirm committee and asked to have July 15th covered.  Kerry Stover will preach July 15, 2018.
  2. July 1 BBQ will be hosted by Michelle and Joyce, with help possibly from the youth.
  3. Kee-Mo-Kee Weekend was a big success.  18 youth (grade 5-8) attended Friday night (4 youth from Lambeth joined us). 10 families joined Saturday night and we had a great service led by Jane Dockrill on Sunday with Jill Kennedy supporting with music.
  4. We explored the Lord’s prayer and are looking to do some exploration and education around the Lord’s Prayer early in the new year.
  5. There are 3 summer camps, please check with Jane D., if you have grandchildren or children who are interested in attending.
  6. Spirit Games are June 10, 17 and 24.
  7. We are looking to have a new contract for music licensing
  8. The youth mission trip will be in August and they are continuing to do fund raising to support their trip.
  9. We are looking to use the identifier Faith Development Team in lieu of CD/Worship to follow the model of the United Church and the planning committee’s leadership to focus on Faith, Art and Service.

June 2018

We belatedly thanking Audrey Coulthard who has retired as M&N chair after several years of faithful service. We thank her for her deep commitment to the leadership of our committee.  We are also very thankful for the work and witness of Barry Tiffin and Jan Hendry who are also retiring from our committee.
Membership and Nurture plays a very active role at FSA.  Members of our committee are responsible for coordinating Coffee and Conversation (Deanne Pederson), keeping the membership roll up to date (JoAnn Silcox), welcoming new members to our congregation (Glenna Hall),  coordinating several different pastoral care teams (Annabelle Logan, David McKane, Deanne Pederson, JoAnn Silcox). We also are connected to the Affirm Committee and Archives Committee.
Two new members have joined our committee.  Gerry Meacham has taken on the role of coordinating requests for drives to church with volunteers willing to pick people up. Catherine Charlton has agreed to analyze our need for volunteers and develop of survey of people’s areas of interest in volunteering.
We are also working on the following activities. We have:

  • Reviewed and revised our Terms of Reference (See attached- for approval by motion at our Council meeting).
  • Conducted a Volunteer Appreciation Sunday -May 6, 2018.<
  • Reviewed and edited the mailboxes with Kathryn Skelly’s help.
  • Met with members of Affirm Committee to see how we can be most helpful to them.
  • Have begun planning for the production of a new Congregational Photo Directory that we hope to undertake in the early Autumn.

June 2018

Draft Revision of M&N Terms of Reference

5.5.3 Membership
Membership may include ordained and congregationally designated ministers, representatives from M&N programmes such as Coffee and Conversation, the Clerk of the Role and any members of the congregation with an interest and knowledge relevant to the responsibilities of the committee.
5.5.4  Responsibilities  
The Membership and Nurture Committee shall:  Encourage membership in the congregation and active involvement in the life and work of the congregation Formally welcome and integrate new persons into the congregation, by arranging for orientation of new members, celebration of their membership, and follow up with them In conjunction with the church office and through the leadership of the Clerk of the Roll be   accountable for and oversee the maintenance of the historic roll, record of transfers and deaths, new members and adherents. Maintain contact information, such as addresses, phone numbers and emails possibly in the form of a photo directory Oversee a Time and Talent Survey of the interests and skills of the congregation Support all committees’ requests for volunteers by providing names of persons to be approached and recording such information Develop and carry out a means of recognizing the efforts of all volunteers Arrange for activities to nurture individuals and provide  fellowship with the congregation, for example, Coffee and Conversation, Knitwits, Lunch Bunch and coordinating a list of people prepared to drive members to church services Care for the pastoral needs of the congregation by providing telephone contact or visits to those who are shut in, in retirement or long term care facilities, experiencing illness, bereavement or other losses and any other special needs, through collaborating with the Visitation Minister, the Designated Pastoral Care Volunteer, the Visitation Team, the Caring Callers Team,  the Prayer Chain Team and the Healing Prayer Team. Implement a specialized Counseling Team for special purpose individual consultation with congregational members and to be the liaison for members of the Counseling Team who offer a  personal counseling  service Develop a financial policy for the support and development of the total Membership and Nurture programme. To implement this policy, the Membership and Nurture Committee shall prepare an annual budget and submit it to the Council for approval Evaluate on a regular basis and change emphasis where necessary Report regularly to the Council and annually to the Annual meeting of the congregation

June 2018

Our committee did not meet at its usual time this month.  Instead we will be meeting on June 20 with the Golf Tournament committee as most of us are part of that group. Over ninety people attended the event this year.
We would like to thank all of the members of Council who supported the Golf Tournament on June 9 with their presence, their time and their donation of items for auction.  Special thanks to Terry for his beautifully wrapped packages of biscotti for the Live Auction and to George for sponsoring a hole and donating to the Silent Auction.  As always, the committee is grateful for the generous assistance provided by Jim Silcox and Bob Schram.
Our committee members served sundaes after the Service at Kee Mo Kee two weeks ago and raised $128 to help send a child from the ELUCO area to camp.
On September 9 after church, we will host our annual Corn Roast lunch which marks the end of the fundraising drive for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank this year.

June 2018

Arts after 5
The first Arts after 5 wine and cheese reception was held on May 8, 5:00-6:30pm. Nineteen people attended. Presentations were given by Rebekah Morrison-Wize, London Arts Council Development Office, Grants and Investments and Cory Crossman, Music Industry, Development Officer, City of London. Several good ideas were generated from their presentations and discussed. These included the possibility of space at FSA being used during the 2019 Juno Awards and future Fringe Festivals.

Elijah Performance – April 21
The Elijah performance was a great success. The FSA Senior Choir was joined by London Pro Musica and London Symphonia. The audience numbered 448. Expenses were covered by ticket sales and funds from Friends of Music. The performance was dedicated to the memory of Dr.
Elmer Butt a long-time supporter of the music program and members of Dr. Butt’s family attended.

Music Matters – April 27-29
This event was in collaboration with Revitalize 2 at Metropolitan United. Attendance was less than hoped for, however, the workshops were well received by the participants.

Belmont United Methodist Church Open Door Singers
FSA hosted the Open Door Singers, a group of young performers in grades 7-12 on June 6. Dinner was prepared and served by members of the Music Committee and volunteers. Following dinner, the choir gave a concert of anthems which they performed from memory.

50th Anniversary of the FSA Casavant Organ
Terry has confirmed that Isabelle Demers will be the guest organist for a major anniversary concert on March 2, 2019. This will be in partnership with the RCCO. Link to Isabelle Demers website: There will also be an Organ series to celebrate the anniversary. Five recitals will be held, one each in Sep, Oct, Nov, Jan and Feb and all will be held on a Sunday from 1:00-2:00pm.

Concert Series 2018-2019
Planning for the concert series for next year is close to completion. Jim Silcox is working on the brochure and we hope to have it printed for the beginning of September.

Senior Choir

The senior choir sang for the Ordination Service on May 26. They will sing until the end of June (10, 17, 24) and then break for the summer.

Laudamus Bells
The Laudamus Bells rang for the Ordination Service on May 26. They are now in recess for the summer.

Junior Choirs

Plans are underway for the Junior Groups for next year. There is interest in adding a youth Bell choir to the “Sing for your supper” evening.

FSA Strings
The FSA strings gave their spring concert on Wednesday, May 30. Bruce Richardson was assisted by Igor Saika-Voivod. Guests included Sonja Gustafson, Francesca Ranalli and Terry, performed part of a Handel Organ Concerto on the Chancel organ.

June 2018

June 2018

June 2018

Maintenance & Improvements

  1. Chapel Air Handling Unit (AHU): The AHU would run approximately 10 hours before the motor overloads would trip. I inspected the unit and greased the bearings but the problem persisted. HCD Services inspected the AHU and recommended upgrading the overload circuit. The condition of the wiring was sub standard and hazardous. The complete control circuit including disconnect was replaced by HCD. The AHU is now back in operation.
  2. Shed no parking sign: David Beech could not gain access to the shed for lawn service due to car parking at shed doors. The no parking sign installed by David Beech was removed. David Beech will now contact FSA in advance of lawn work and Staff will reserve the shed parking location with a traffic pylon.
  3. Proudfoot Hall dishwasher: A Swish service technician inspected the machine. Only a slight leak at the rear of machine was found. Swish will return with material to repair.
  4. Proudfoot Hall Kitchen: A few litres of water was found on the kitchen floor. The water came from behind the hand wash sink and ran toward the dishwasher area. No leak could be found. The water was clear. No further water leak after clean up. Appears to be a reoccurring problem as area behind sink is water stained and cupboard baseboard is coming off. Will monitor.
  5. Facilities desktop computer was replaced with a laptop.

June 2018

June 2018

Note that Worship has combined with CD as a single committee

Look for their report in the alpha list of committees as Faith Development


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