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By constitution, Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees. The current chair is George Jolink, the chair elect is Steve Elson, and the secretary is Kathareine Wonfor. Council membership also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to the Regional Council, the Director of Music, the Coorinator of Youth and Young Families, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, and the Church Adminstrator (ex officio). Council has a permanent ad Hoc Committee, which acts as an oversight body for expenditures from the Jean Brown Fund. Current membership of that ad hoc group includes Katie Glaves, Merran Neville, David Manness, Ian Wright, Christina Lindsay, and Jane Dockrill. The Planning Committee also currently functions as an ad hoc Committee to Council.

Check out the Archive of Recent Past Council Minutes below. For older minutes, consult the Church office




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Note that C & M no longer functions as a committee but rather is a serice provided to other Committees by the Church Council

April 2019

April 2019

The Faith Development Committee, under the interim chairpersonship of Katie Glaves, continues to explore ways in which we might work between generations (children/youth and adult) and across constituencies (congregational and community needs).

            Current initiatives include:

  1. Lenten Worship—with a focus both on internal reflection and presentations by community agencies, highlighting the commitment of FSA to Service as a result of the Planning Committee initiatives.
  2. Cognitive and Reflective Exercises—formal Sunday and Thursday Bible Studies and Wednesday afternoon meditation practices.
  3. Shared Worship Experiences—Good Friday at Metropolitan United
  4. Children/Youth leading Worship on Palm Sunday and in the Children’s Musical
  5. Youth Forum—April 6th and 7th
  6. Kee-Mo-Kee Family and Congregational Weekend—including invitations to youth from other congregations
  7. Welsh Choir service—April 28th
  8. Jane Glaves speaking on her work in Malawi—May 19thth
  9. Special Summer Services including Blessing of the Animals, Pride Picnic/Parade and guest speakers, Diaconal student—Barb McGill and Rev. Tom Hiscock
  10. Confirmation class: is building in its intergenerational energy.

April 2019

Membership and Nurture Report to Council-April 2019

  • We welcomed Barb and Jon Baskerville to our last meeting to share their experience with an Open Sanctuary at Colborne Street United Church.
  • Plans for our first Newcomers’ Friendship Group under the leadership of Glenna Hall are proceeding.  We plan on holding our first get together in early May with the enthusiastic support of several people who expressed interest in welcoming newcomers when they completed their Time and Talent Survey.
  • Coffee and Conversation continues under the committed leadership of Deanne Pederson and many willing volunteers.
  • Pastoral Care needs are being ably met by the Caring Callers, the Prayer Chain, and Rev Dr. David McKane and Dr. JoAnn Silcox.  Our Lay Visitation Team has been revitalized. We now have 12 people on our team and several others who independently are committed to seeing people on a regular basis. With the support of our UCW we are purchasing small  Easter gifts to take to the almost 40 people we are visiting.
  • Mason Robichaud and Heather Locking-Cusolito have begun work this week on a revision to the pew cards.
  • Because of the busy church schedule Volunteer Appreciation Sunday has been postponed until the Fall.

Submitted by:
Heather Locking-Cusolito


April 2019

April 2019

Mary Ann Hodge would like to form a group interested in the environment and the need to address the urgent issue of climate change.
On Sunday April 28 there will be a pizza lunch and kick-off for the White Squirrel Golf Tournament.  Any help securing silent auction items would be appreciated.
Sunday May 5 will be the kick-off for the Grow-a-Row campaign for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  Linda Badke and Cynthia Simpson are co-ordinating this.
The ELUCO annual general meeting is April 17 at 7 p.m. at Gethsemane Gardens.
We would like to have a small fundraising campaign to honour Jean Knowles in conjunction with the golf tournament which was near and dear to her heart.  The idea is to appeal to those who do not attend the golf tournament.  St. Paul’s is in need of a good used refrigerator for their social services program. 
We appreciate Bob Swartman easing our load by looking into the Beth Emmanuel/Urban Care situation.

April 2019

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April 2019

April 2019 Facilities Report
                • Fireside Classroom A Flooring Quotes for Meals on Wheels Rental Room have been received and will be presented at the Property Meeting.
                                ○ Deacon Flooring
                                ○ London's Flooring Canada
                • Proudfoot Hall Water Leaks
                                ○ Intermittent water leak through northeast foundation at floor level caused by thaw and heavy rains.
                                ○ Water still accumulating behind kitchen cupboards. WH Smith Construction investigated and recommended further inspection of plumbing waste water pipes. Ashworth Drainage recommended a water test after the grounds have dried up to see where the leak is.
                • Alarmtech replaced security camera #5. Warranty service due to an electrical short.
                • Cosby Landscaping plans to start the concrete work – pads and walkways – the week of April 22nd.
                • Pocket thefts during Sunday service April 7. Recommend staff lock office doors during service and members keep valuables with them.
                • Sanctuary exterior door hold open hook hardware is repeatedly being stolen. Will find permanent solution if this continues.
                • Chubb reported 1 burglary alarm. It was from a FSA member leaving late after the arming at 11 pm.
                • Chubb reported a Fire Alarm trouble Sunday April 2. Alarms were silenced and reset. Cause was unknown but Chubb stated many downtown locations experienced the same problem.
                • Existing towel dispensers are wearing out. New sample towel dispensers have been installed in the main lower washrooms. If the trial period is successful we will continue installation in the rest of the facility. Supplier will install dispenser at no charge and towel price will be the same.
                • A large obsolete shelving unit from the FSA office occupied by Camp Kee-Mo-Kee has been donated to their camp. Camp Kee-Mo-Kee will relocate it.
                • Jerry Vrabec repaired and returned the metal cross that blew off the south Narthex roof peak last fall. Gen-Car Construction will install it after the grounds have dried up.
                • A service call to Otis was placed to repair the elevator door not opening. Potting soil was spilled on the door track causing the jam. This is possibly the only service call made for the elevator ever. The technicians state that the elevator is in excellent condition.
                • Fireside Classroom A furniture was re-distributed by Jane Dockrill to make room for Meals on Wheels rental room. A  locking lever door handle was installed. This room will be locked by MOW when not in use. Electrical work is expected to begin the week of April 15.
                • Fireside Classroom C pipe insulation was loose and has been repaired. Property committee should consider insulation replacement in the future for all classrooms.
                • A long range Wi-Fi access point was installed at the Chapel hallway to improve signal to the Fireside room.
                • A lever door handle was installed at the 2nd floor stairwell door for Deb Carter rental rooms. The door closer was also adjusted to reduce pressure to open the doors.
                • Window AC units are scheduled for installation May 14 by Ken Martin Air Conditioning
                • An orientation meeting for Bridges out of Poverty staff was held regarding building access and security for upcoming events.
                • Wheel Chair reserved signs have been removed from Sanctuary pews by Faith Development committee. Property Committee installed them approximately 5 years ago and should consider if they are required.

Tim Miedema
Facilities Manager

March 2019

The Board met on March 14, 2019. It was both a regular Trustee meeting, in addition to being an Orientation meeting for the 2 new Co-Chairs, Doug Jones and Bill Peel, and for the 3 new Trustees, Bob Kennedy, Al Salmoni and Jane Hill.  We were pleased to also have Steve Elson, Chair-Elect of Council, in attendance. The United Church of Canada’s Handbook for Trustees was distributed to all Trustees with specific sections described by Michelle Down. Here are the highlights of the meeting reported by the 4 Trustee Committees:

  •  Long Term Giving Committee – John Eberhard
  • With the assistance of David McKane, and with the addition to some long-time members of the church and under John Eberhard’s leadership, this committee will be re-vitalizing the Proudfoot Legacy Program. Emphasis will be on discussing effective estate planning and end of life giving with members of the congregation. 
  •  Investment Committee – David Manness  
  • At February 28, 2019, the Proudfoot Legacy Unrestricted Trust Fund was $449,993, with the Proudfoot Legacy Restricted Trust Fund set at $2,500,000. This is over $160,000 higher than at the end of December 2018 because of the strength of the Canadian and U.S. markets.
  • 2019 ytd portfolio performance is 4.9%, with Canadian and US markets ytd returns of  11.7% and 11.0% respectively. This is a significant recovery from the negative returns of 2018.
  • 10-year performance return for the portfolio to December 31, 2018 was 4.3 %.  (10 year return to February 28, 2019 is 4.9%)
  • Trustees approved the $3,000 one-year cost of renting the GivePoint terminal for the one-year trial period.


  • Insurance Committee Committee – Catherine Charlton, for Bill Peel
  • Insurance Policy is renewed annually in June of each year, with valuable assistance from Heather Vouvalidis.
  • The new Eco-Meditation Garden with possible access to the church’s premises, and the  size of the Gift Card inventory need to be reviewed with the insurer for coverage.


  • Memorials Committee – John Eberhard, for June McKay
    • Legacy Sunday is May 5, 2019 and will celebrate the placement of a leaf on the Proudfoot Atrium Tree in memory of Bob Slater. Plans are also to dedicate the bench donated by Trustees in Bob’s memory on this same day.


The Investment Policy and the Legacy Gift Policy (includes the Proudfoot Legacy Tree Policy) are now posted and available to all on the FSA website. Work is underway to have password access for Trustees to a section that will contain confidential information, such as a membership list with contact information, for Trustees. Jim Silcox is making these arrangements.

With the Camp Kee-Mo-Kee service scheduled for June 9, 2019, the plan is to present the first of 3 annual cheques from FSA of $25,000, as pledged to their Camp Kee-Mo-Kee ReVitalize Campaign.

march 2019


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