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FSA Council News


By constitution, Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees. The current chair is George Jolink, the chair elect is Steve Elson, and the secretary is Katherine Wonfor. Council membership also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to the Regional Council, the Director of Music, the Coorinator of Youth and Young Families, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, and the Church Adminstrator (ex officio). Council has an ad hoc committee, which acts as an oversight body for expenditures from the Jean Brown Fund. Current membership of that ad hoc group includes Katie Glaves, Merran Neville, David Manness, Ian Wright, Christina Lindsay, Kerry Hill and Jane Dockrill. The Planning Committee also currently functions as an ad hoc committee to Council.

Check out the Archive of Recent Past Council Minutes below. For older minutes, consult the Church office




July - no meeting
August - no meeting
December - no meeting





June 2019

The Faith Development Committee, under the joint chairpersonships of Katie Glaves and Jo Ann Silcox, continues to explore ways in which we might work between generations (children/youth and adult) and across constituencies (congregational and community needs).

Our June meeting focused largely on planning for coverage of the Christian Development portfolio in light of Jane Dockrill’s medical leave and on securing guest preachers during Michelle’s vacation and CE leaves.


            Spring/Summer initiatives include:

  1. Kee-Mo-Kee weekend was cancelled in favour of  camping service at FSA.
  2. We will support an off-site summer vacation Bible school at Calvary United Church, sponsored by Riverside United Church through their CE director Marilyn Arthur.
  3. Sunday School will end on June 9th and the children will be provided with crafts with which they may engage in the summer services.
  4. Guest preachers over the Summer/Early Fall include Rev. Tom Hiscock (June 30, July 21, August 18, September 01, Barb McGill (3rd year Diaconal student) August 4, 11, 25th), Musu Taylor-Lewis (Food Grains speaker) (September 8th)
  5. Special Summer Services including Blessing of the Animals, Pride Picnic/Parade, Guest speaker from L’Arche, Blessing of the Eco-Garden)
  6. Confirmation class: is building in its intergenerational energy. The curriculum will be reviewed to take into account those for whom this is the first point of entry to Christianity.
  7. Sunday School—the committee is working to provide Sunday school teachers and youth programme co-ordinators during Jane’s medical leave.

June 2019

The Finance Committee met on June 10, 2019. Following is a summary.
1.    Monthly financial statements
The financial statements for May and 2019 YTD indicated that givings are still down cf same period 2018. “Rentals – contracts” are lower than budgeted, although “Rentals – other” are up. Meals on Wheels will be paying an additional $400/month now that they have expanded their operation to a space in the Fireside Room.
2.   The GivePoint kiosk is still earning its keep after 2 months operation. Instructions are being drafted and will be made available at the kiosk. Users must register on line as indicated in the acknowledgment email to receive a receipt.
3.   Gift card program: To the end of May, profit is up 57% over last year. David Manness and Kerry Hill are hoping to promote cooperation between FSA and other churches.
4.   Stewardship Campaign: a small task group will be formed in the coming weeks to spearhead the campaign, which will utilize ideas from the UCC “Loving Our Neighbours” program. The campaign will dovetail with a worship service series designed by Rev. Michelle.
5.   Jazz Series: The 2018-19 Jazz Series lost a little money and was not effective as a fund raising activity. At one point, the series was estimated to make $5-10,000. Is there reason to believe that ticket sales will increase substantially next year to make this a viable fund raising activity? Or should it be become part of the Friends of Music program and run as an outreach project?
5.   Other concerns: Finance Committee expressed considerable concern about several matters.
(a) Budget updates/forecasts: Only two budget updates have been received from committees – thanks to Barb Dalrymple (MO) and Heather Locking-Cusolito (M&N). Others: please look after this in June.
(b)  Fund Raising:  Members are reminded that all fund raising activities must be vetted by the Finance Committee. At least two major fund raisers are/were delinquent in this respect in recent months.
(c)  Handling money: Members are reminded that two people must participate in the collection, counting and movement of all funds collected at worship services, fund raisers and ticket sales. Please take this seriously; it is for the protection of the money handlers as much as it is for the church.
6.   The next Finance meeting will be Monday, Sept 16, 2019. The Committee will be kept informed of financial matters and consulted as necessary.
7.    Notice of motion: that the Treasurer of First-St. Andrew’s United Church be allowed full access to the donation records, for the purposes of:
•  planning the stewardship campaign;
•  sending personalized thanks to donors for initial gifts, special donations, increased pledges.

There appears to be nothing contrary to this in the United Church Manual (in fact, other churches do this) or in the policies and procedures of FSA

June 2019

Our most recent meeting was held Wednesday June 12, 2019.

  • We spent time generating the names of a group of people who we want to invite to our next Newcomers’ Friendship Group. If you have introduced yourselves to new people in the pew please consider asking them to come to our next Newcomers’ Friendship group and come along with them.  The next social event will be in late September and we will start profiling it in the eblast and other platforms late in the summer.
  • We are pleased that we will have a New  Members Sunday in September to welcome people who are formally joining FSA.
  • We will also be celebrating  Volunteer Appreciation Sunday in September.
  • We spent considerable time engaging in discussion regarding how to meet the pastoral care needs of the congregation. Among many ideas generated we highlighted the following:
  • Gerry Meacham has assumed the role of reaching out by a caring letter to people who are experiencing illness, bereavement or loneliness.
  • In the fall we are going to reach out to many of the smaller groups within the church to see how they think we can best meet pastoral care needs within their group.
  • We are considering developing a pastoral care brochure that outlines the many approaches people can take to receive pastoral care in the FSA community.
  • We need to recruit a few more people for our lay visitation team. With Kathryn Skelly’s inspired help we have developed a new visitation card for the team.
  • We believe, however, that none of these responses replace the need for an ordained pastoral care minister who can support people undergoing times of crisis.
  • As our stock of pew cards has been depleted Mason Robichaud, Jim Silcox and I have developed a new pew card that focuses on welcoming and seeking information from our visitors .Donna Thompson is assuming the role of stocking the pews with these cards and with the envelopes. Over the summer we intend to develop a pamphlet that outlines  the activities and programmes that FSA can offer. We welcome any suggestions about what needs to be included in this pamphlet.
  • The Pride Parade and Picnic will be held on July 28.  Anne Cummings has been coordinating the recruitment of people and assigning them to the many tasks involved.  I am sure that there are  always opportunities to help out if you are free that day.  Anne tells me that Joyce Payne is the actual coordinator on the day.
  • The Archives Committee is desperately in need of people to join the committee.
  • With regret we have accepted the resignation of Mason Robichaud who is moving back to Yarmouth NS.

June 2019

June 2019

June 2019

The Laudamus Bells participated in the very successful Ontario Handbell Festival 2019 at Fanshawe College, June 6-8, 2019.  The Festival concert on Saturday evening was a sellout.  Claire Jones-Fright on violin was the guest soloist for “Peace in Our Time,” a three movement piece for which she also performed at “The Peacemakers” concert on May 4. Margaret Trethewey was the guest soloist for “The Lord’s My Shepherd”. Terry Head accompanied “Make Me an Instrument of Thy Peace” on piano.
FSA was very well represented!


FSA Strings
The FSA Strings Spring concert on May 29 was the last concert for Bruce Richardson as director of the strings. Tributes to Bruce were made by Terry Head and Paul Merritt.


FSA Writer-in-Residence
As reported at the May meeting, Robyn Marie Butt, poet and author, will become the FSA Writer-in-residence in September.

June 2019

June 2019 Facilities Report

  • Additional surveillance camera signs (4) were installed on brick walls including one near the new metal sculpture.
  • The motion sensor exterior light near the metal sculpture was replaced with a dusk to dawn LED light.
  • Sunrise Stained Glass will begin Sanctuary window repairs soon. Windows will be removed and replaced with plywood until the repairs are complete.
  • Wild Things Wild Life Control relocated a family of racoons that made entry into the Meals on Wheels attic. The access point was secured as well as potential re-entry points.
  • Citron provides a monthly inspection for insects. Sticky traps are placed at various locations. For the last couple of years no issues have been identified on Citron reports and bug collection has been scarce. Consider reducing frequency or on call service.
  • 2 Sanctuary (theatrical) spot lamps are not working. Horizon quoted fixture repairs at $100 if we deliver. New LED fixtures would be $1712.61 ea. Installed. Will proceed with servicing the 2 and have Horizon inspect the remainder.
  • Chapel Lighting fluorescent light repairs: ABC will provide a second quote to replace. ABC noted that the fixtures are showing signs of heat at tube ends so I have temporarily disabled turning them on.
  • 2 full needle containers were emptied at the Shoppers pharmacy. They have been accumulating for multiple years but most of the contents are from the last year. One container is locked up in the Custodial Room and one is in the shed.

Items to be completed before September:

  • Davey Tree stump grinding near metal sculpture
  • Annual fire extinguisher inspection
  • Annual fire alarm inspection
  • Annual sprinkler inspection
  • Proudfoot Hall + basement hallways floor refinishing
  • Proudfoot Hall Kitchen water leak
  • Narthex roof ornaments (3) rebuild and install
  • West gutter heat cable replacement
  • South Narthex step rebuild
  • Salmon Plumbing Boiler Room pipe repair
  • Annual furnace and boiler inspection
  • Annual Red Bird drone roof inspection
  • Brick repairs by Viking Masonry
  • Siroski Door repairs


Tim Miedema
Facilities Manager

June 2019


June 2019


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