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FSA Council News

By constitution, Council is composed of the chairs of the church's administrative committees. It also includes the chair of the UCW plus the church's representatives to Presbytery, the Director of Music, the Minister of Worship & Congregational Life, an appointed secretary and the church adminstrator (ex officio). The current chair is George Jolink and the past chair is Bob Swartman.

Check out the Archive of Recent Past Council Minutes below. For older minutes, consult the Church office




July - no meeting
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Note that C & M no longer functions as a committee but rather is a serice provided to other Committees by the Church Council

January 2019

See January report

January 2019

Members of the former Worship and Christian Development Committees continue over this year to test the model of a single Faith Formation Committee with rotating chairs to date.
Advent/Christmas Services and Programmes were reviewed noting that the London Free Press Ad seemed to have succeeded in encouraging members of the larger community to attend through this season.
Upcoming Special Services will include:

  1. a 3-part sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer (Michelle) with a possible adult study group to follow (David Pederson, Jo Ann)
  2. Guest speakers in the first quarter will include

i)          Jan. 27—MOE Service with Jim Hutchison from the General Council office

  1. Feb. 3, 2019:  Rev. Alydia Smith from the General Council office during Black History month

Greeters and Ushers: A more detailed set of instructions has been crafted by Charlotte Oldham to ensure that newcomers are welcomed warmly.
Lenten Easter events will include:

  1. Pancake supper at the outset of Lent to be co-ordinated by the Men’ Brown Bag group.
  2. Possible Palm Sunday breakfast with service to follow in Proudfoot Hall.
  3. Specific Social Need focus in services of Lent based on the Long-term Planning Committee feedback from the late Fall workshop.

Constructive Feedback Formats
            Constructive feedback formats both within the committee and from the larger congregation will be encouraged as we continue to live through this time of transition at FSA.


January 2019

  • The photo directory proof from IPC was returned to us after Christmas and was proof read and sent back to IPC on January 14. We anticipate the finished product will be sent to us by mid February. Fingers crossed.
  • Glenna Hall who leads our response to welcoming new members will determine what Sundays have been scheduled for new members and report back to our next meeting.  We decided to place  a message in the calendar insert  suggesting ways that new people can become more involved in the life of the church, e.g. obtaining a nametag and a mailbox, receiving the eblast, asking for a Time and Talent Survey to consider opportunities to share in the life of FSA.
  • Deanne Pederson reported that Coffee and Conversation is going well. Cookies and Kringle were a big success. Once we see what our budget looks like we may consider having cookies at each C&C.
  • JoAnn Silcox reported that she has been working on the FSA Membership Roll. She will be working very hard on completion of data for the report to head office. She and Heather will meet to discuss changes to contact information and other changes noted during the Photo Directory project.
  • Heather Locking-Cusolito reported that the summary of responses to the Time & Talent Survey is ready and will be shared with staff, committee chairs, group leaders and activity leaders so that they can contact people who have expressed a new interest in their groups. A total of 59 responses were received.
  • Annabelle Logan has revised the Caring Callers list and will call a meeting of her callers shortly.
  • Heather Locking-Cusolito is trying to resurrect the lay visitation team by calling a meeting of people who have visited in the past.  Several team members are resigning.  Fortunately there have been a few new people from the time and Talent Survey willing to visit and she will get in touch with them.
  • We have had a request from Barb Dalrymple that we take over the task of replenishing pew cards and envelopes. Heather will ask Mason Robichaud to take on this responsibility.
  • We held a brief discussion about the concept of an Open Sanctuary.  Heather will put together a one page summary of the feedback she got from Colborne Street UC and share it at our next meeting.
  •  The Young Adult party scheduled for December 23 was not a success.  Heather will contact Aria Khalili and Martha Morrison to see what they consider their next steps to be.

January 2019

January 2019

Our committee did not meet in January. 
On Friday evening, January 25, we are hosting a fund-raiser for East London United Church Outreach (ELUCO) at FSA with Marty Kolls and Jenny Berkel.  Soup will be served at 6:30 for $10 a ticket.  The concert begins at 7:30.  Tickets for the music are $20 and are available on the FSA website, online and at the door.

January 27 is Mission Sunday with Speaker Jim Hodgson who is Program Coordinator for the Caribbean and Latin America Partnership Program.

Our next meeting will be held on February 11

January 2019

January 2019


January 2019

·         Parlour odour - A chemical smell was noticed in the Parlour that brought complaints from staff and tenant above. Initially we suspected a possible spill on the carpet so some carpet cleaning was completed along with ventilation. Later a  brass cleaner aerosol container was found in the Parlour that had leaked.
·         Fireside Room asbestos removal - WH Smith Construction completed the asbestos removal from steam pipes along the north wall of the main Fireside room. Re-insulation was included. Some water damage due to a foundation water leak can now be investigated.
·         Parking Lot East Fence Repair - Fence boards have been damaged and removed from the parking lot east fence. Local high school students accessed the back parking lot through the opening to smoke pot on more than one occasion. They left when asked. A temporary board has been installed and the students have not returned. The existing fence is falling apart in different areas and should be replaced. Let's discuss.
·         Garden tractor has been picked up for winter maintenance and storage. David Beech requested the rear tires are worn and should be replaced. Kensal Rentals will inspect and quote.
·         Heat trace cable has been installed by London Electric on the flat roof near the Atrium glass and east flat roof gutters. This included new ground fault protection and controls. This will resolve roof leaks due to ice build up.
·         West Narthex Exterior Light is no longer working. London Electric disconnected and removed the fixture due to deteriorated wiring. The fixture will be rewired, missing glass pane replaced and be reinstalled.
·          A Wireless Door Bell was installed at the east exterior entrance door near the parking lot to notify the sewing group of member arrivals. This is not intended for staff to respond.
·         Emergency light inspection was completed and some repairs are in process.
·         Fire extinguisher inspection has been completed with no issues.
·         West choir loft ceiling lights - 2 out of 5 lights stopped working. The lights are not included in the dimmer panel control but by a switch on the organ console. London Electric replaced a bad control relay and corrected some reverse polarity wiring to resolve the issue.
·         Proudfoot Hall Refrigerator - The new double glass door refrigerator was delivered but not installed. There is a height interference with the above cupboards that was not anticipated. Shorted models are not available so some cabinet work will need to be completed before installation.


Tim Miedema
Facilities Manager

January 2019

The Board will meet next on February 20, 2019. The last December 5, 2018 Trustees meeting was reported to the December Council meeting. Here are a few updates since that meeting:

  • Board of Trustees Membership

Jane Hill, Alan Salmoni and Bob Kennedy have agreed to allow their names to stand for nomination to the Board of Trustees as new members to be elected at the ACM.

The Board has met on January 15, 2019 and continues to work on finding a new chair to replace John Eberhard and David Manness.

  •  Long Term Giving Committee

Bruce Moor has talked with David McKane about re-initiating his work on the Proudfoot Legacy Fund. This will be done on a volunteer basis working with this committee of Trustees and other congregation members. Emphasis will be on discussing estate planning and end of life giving with members of the congregation. 

  •  Investment Committee

 At December 31, 2018 the Proudfoot Legacy Unrestricted Trust Fund was $291,512, with the Proudfoot Legacy Restricted Trust Fund set at $2,500,000.

  • 2018 portfolio performance was -3.0 %, with both Canadian and U.S. markets in negative territory.
  • 10-year performance return for the portfolio to December 31, 2018 was 4.3 %.
  • Memorials Committee – June McKay

Memorials Sunday will be held on May 5, 2019 with the dedication of a leaf on the Proudfoot Legacy Tree celebrating the life of Bob Slater.

January 2019


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