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Planning Committee Updates


"Meditation Peace Garden" Project

FSA Garden Project Planning Committee Members:

Stewart Bailey, Carolyn Burke, Rev. Michelle Down, Barrie Evans (Chair), George Jolink, Kerry Hill, Bob Swartman, UCW representative.
Under the supervision and guidance of Professor Andrew Wilson, the Environmental Design and Planning, 3rd year degree program students, from Fanshawe College will be submitting ideas for the design as a class assignment.
We are considering elements such as a labyrinth, butterfly garden, rain garden and possibly a small stage area for outdoor performances and services.
To guide our planning the following Project Charter has been developed:

Garden Project Charter
The Committee is tasked to create an inspiring space, comprising the church grounds, which reflects the beauty of God’s creation; which enhances the historical architecture of the church; which enhances the neighbourhood; and which offers a destination for all to pause and stay a while to engage in mindful reflection and meditation.


  1. Plan adheres to proposal and city contract (design may go beyond what is funded by the City)
  2. Design is compatible with church architecture
  3. Design enhances neighbourhood/streetscape
  4. Plan does not disrupt natural ecology (e.g. Chimney Swifts)
  5. As far as possible, design adheres to the principles of Permaculture (note: possibility of using rainwater)
  6. Resulting space is low maintenance
  7. Design incorporates Native trees and as far as possible, native plants
  8. Plan preserves shade trees where possible and also considers succession planning for old trees
  9. Design offers a variety of spaces to sit, walk, meditate, pray and engage all the senses
  10. Area is accessible for people with limited mobility
  11. Area(s) are child friendly, possibly incorporating some educational, activity areas
  12. Site could provide a venue for display of public art and music performance

See the slide presentation made to the congregation on January 28th, 2018 outlining the work on the Garden Project.


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