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Current Update

For the Information of Council
The Planning Committee met on October 1st and will meet again on October 29th.

Service and Social Action

  • The committee continues to investigate opportunities to contribute to affordable, supportive housing in the City of London. Bob Swartman continues to be the “point person” on this issue. Bob, Michelle Down, Joyce Payne, Barb Dalrymple, Pat Pettit and Linda Badke all attended a panel on supportive housing and Housing First at St. John’s Anglican Church on October 2nd.
  • The City of London has scheduled a meeting on affordable housing at Goodwill Industries on October 17th
  • In related news Mission Services attended a meeting of Bible Study at FSA and the Salvation Army attended a meeting of the UCW.

Eco-Meditation Garden

  • As has been mentioned in recent eBlasts and notices to the congregation, the contracted landscaping work is now complete – some additional planting is required and several trees will need to be replaced. Discussions with the City of London regarding the stage area continue.
  • A number of signs will be installed in the near future (if not already)
  • The Eco-meditation garden has been nominated for an award to be given by the Historic Woodfield Community Association (of which FSA is a member). The award will be announced at the annual Pot-Luck of the Association to be held on November 19th

Arts after 5
The next Arts after 5 event will take place on November 5th where playwright Adam Corrigan-Holowtz will be the guest speaker.

Text Box: For Discussion by Council  Social Innovation Challenge  §	In the aftermath of the success of the Social Innovation Challenge the committee is interested in knowing if there is a way to stay connected with the participants. There may also be interest in staying connected with social enterprise initiatives here in the city – we are thinking there may be a member (outside the Planning Committee) who might be interested – thoughts?


Planning the future use of FSA space – to ensure sustainability
Text Box: “We will be giving thought to further opportunities to make FSA more inviting to others – opportunities to use and adapt our physical space in new and different ways – ways that could generate additional income and expand our church community in rich and diverse ways.”    From the 2019 AGM of First-St. Andrew’s United Church


Recent steps

Western University

Two students – Joy Tigchelaar and Aaron West will be working with us over the fall under the supervision of teaching assistant Alexander (AJ) Wray. They will be introduced to the congregation on Sunday, October 20th. The main focus of their work will be a literature search of what similar churches have done in situations like ours and a survey of the congregation, neighbours, staff, renters and other users of FSA. They will be collecting data on current church usage and Kathryn Skelly will be helping them out. Their final report will be completed in December.

Text Box: For Discussion by Council  In preparation for establishing the Task Force, a description of the work to be undertaken and the time commitment etc. will be developed. We plan to make the opportunity to volunteer widely known to the congregation through the weekly bulletin and eBlast etc.     We know that this will be a multi-phase undertaking and therefore people may not want to participate for the duration. The opportunity to opt in and out will be available as phases are completed.  AJ Wray has volunteered to help define the stages involved. If there are specific groups that you think are important to have represented, the Planning Committee would appreciate this input from Council.


The Planning Committee at its last meeting decided to move ahead and establish a task force to focus specific attention on the future use of FSA space.

For the Information of Council
Leadership of the Planning Committee – Given my pending role as Chair of Council, I have served notice to the Planning Committee that Steve Elson will be stepping down as Chair of the Planning Committee at the end of the year – although he will continue to be an active member.


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