Back again this year are all the popular sections of FSA's famous Boutique Bazaar. Look for the many booths downstairs at First-St. Andrew's in Proudfoot Hall, displaying Sewing, Knitting, Baking, Preserves, Silent Auction, Toys, Collectibles, Holiday Decor and much much more. On the main floor you'll find our Heirloom Jewellery section. Who knows what unique (and maybe priceless pieces) you will find there. We especially recommend our Collectibles Table. If you have ever watched the Antiques Road Show you will know that folks often pick up some amazing items at church bazaars. Maybe you'll be on television some day with your "find"!



Let's face it. Shopping can be tiring. We know that and for just that reason we have set up our French Cafe in the Fireside Room downstairs. When you feel a little weary or when you would just like to treat yourself to a little guilty pleasure, walk down the hall and sit down at one of our brightly checkered tables, have a sip of refreshing coffee or tea, order up a delicious quiche and then finish off with a little "sweet meat" designed to tempt your tastebuds. After all, you deserve a gift too!

After the novelty of the hustle and bustle wears off, small fry find shopping a bore. We have a solution for you! It's called The Children's World. Under the watchful eye of some pretty talented people, youngsters can have fun with special seasonal crafts while you wander happily elsewhere. At the end of the day, both you and the kids will have something to bring home and talk about.

  • vendors-1.jpg
    (L to R): Lorraine Young, Darian LaJoie, Michele Haley
  • vendors-2.jpg
    (L to R): Arale Vallely, Cheryl Radford, Bev MacDonald
  • vendors-3.jpg
    (L to R): Jane Glaves, Ardath Finnbogason-Hill
  • vendors-4.jpg
    (L to R): Jean Chapple, George Jolink, Mary Louise White
  • vendors-5.jpg
    (L to R): Paddy Kelleher, Pauline Gough, Ted Gough
  • vendors-6.jpg
    (L to R): World Tailors, (Gillian Tyler), Doug Johnson
  • vendors-7.jpg
    (L to R): Melody Green, Izabella Kondrak, Jenn Jack


Artisans' Alley has been growing in popularity and scope over the past few years. Located in our Chapel space, this area is reserved for local crafts people who produce items that you will never find in stores but will want the minute you see them. With Christmas coming, this is the place to pick up a unique gift. Go ahead and play Santa! You'll get lots of holiday hugs in return.