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Communications & Marketing Working Group

Do you have a special interest in media and a bit of an artistic flare? Do you have some experience in public relations or some contacts in the advertising business? Are you a good communicator yourself with a clear idea of how to get a message across? Do you like to interview people and hear about their interesting lives? Do you have a flare for writing or maybe even some experience in writing for publications? Do you have experience in sales? Ahhh, do we have a place for you!!

Members liase with other committees to help them promote their events in the most effective way both internally within the church and externally to the broader community. You will see our work weekly in the Bulletin insert, the email blast and the Sunday slide show. The committee is also responsible for ensuring that the image of FSA is consistent and effective across all media. We are also responsible for external signage and community linkages of all sorts.

If you like doing things but don't like attending committee meetings this can be a perfect fit for you. This team of people don't function as committee but rather as a resource team that Council and all it's committees can call on for help with Communicatons and Marketing projects. In short, you work at your own pace and when it is convenient for you.

David Manness

Natasha Roberts

Jim Silcox

Pat Tripp

David Wardlaw, Tidings

Kathryn Skelly, staff



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