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Council Committees: Faith Development

Are you interested in the liturgical reasoning for how the worship service is put together? Do you value the coherence of language, music, prayer and sermon when you worship? Are you an educator yourself or perhaps interested in how members of all ages learn about the tenets of the Christian church outside of Worship on Sunday mornings? We need you on this committee!

The Committee has the responsibility for planning and overseeing the worship service on Sunday mornings. In addition to the regular service, they are responsible for organizing Communion, six times a year and Baptism, usually three times a year. They seek out and invite speakers for special church occasions such as Anniversary Sunday and help to organize other worship events, such as the Remembrance Day, Christmas Eve. and Good Friday Services. Subcommittees of Worship are responsible for ensuring the banners and antependia in the church are correct for the season and ensure that the chancel is decorated appropriately. The committee is also in charge of organizing "welcoming-greeters" for each service, arranging for scripture readers, and scheduling liturgists to assist the minister on Sunday mornings.
The development of the tenets of our faith for all ages also falls within the purvue of this committee. To be specific, this includes the following:

  • Nursery (during Sunday worship service)
  • Church School (during Sunday worship service)
  • Youth Group (during Sunday worship service and at scheduled other times)
  • Adult Bible Studies (Sunday at 9 am and Thursday at 10:00 am)
  • Movie Nights (usually held monthly at 7am - see Bulletin for details of movies and dates)
  • Book Club (usually held bimonthly at 7pm - see Bulletin for books and dates)
  • Confirmation Class (see schedule in the Bulletin)
  • Special adult learning events throughout the year: Mining the Mystery, Proudfoot Lecture, adult CD series (See the bulletin or the web for details, times and dates)

The committee meets monthly, usually at 7 pm, except in the summer.


Katie Glaves, chair
Jo Ann Silcox, co-chair

Stephen Adams

Joan Bancroft

Michael Feeney

Heather Lake

Susan McKane

David McKane

David Pederson

Jim Silcox, secretary

Jean Wright

Jane Dockrill, staff

Rev. Michelle Down, staff

Terry Head, staff




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