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Council Committees: Finance

Are you good at budgeting and working within your financial means? Can you be practical, even tough-minded, when it comes to "cutting the coat to fit the cloth?" At the same time, do you have enough flexibility to hear a case for special circumstances, and patience when others do not see things your way? If so, this might be your niche.

This committee prepares the church budget annually. It's their job to ensure that all the committees of the church function on a fiscally sound basis. Finance Committee members are assigned to each Church committee to understand the priorities and need for funds. They have a lot to say in regard to the timing and objectives of annual stewardship campaigns. They also liase with the Trustees in regard to fund-raising programs and also budget issues.

The committee meets once a month, usually the first Tuesday, in the evening.

  • Kerry Hill, chair

  • Tristin Hill

  • Ivana Klouda

  • Lesley Pergau

  • Kerry Stover

  • Laura Wood

  • Heather Vouvalidis, staff


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