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Council Committees: Ministry & Personnel

Do you do well in one-to-one conversation, keep confidences and find it natural to listen and to mediate? Can you see two sides to every difference of opinion? Are you comfortable with the idea of making rules and regulations work to the advantage of all involved? Can you take a stand on principle when it seems to be called for? Are you patient and calm by nature? Do you have a working appreciation of how compensation packages should be set up and what constitutes a good reporting relationship? Good for you! This is your niche.

"M & P" is a committee that works with each member of the church staff, the ministers, the music director, the business and clerical staff. the custodians, the nursery personnel and the atrium steward to ensure that they can perform their roles as a team to the best of their ability. This means negotiating compensation packages and doing annual performance reviews, as well as working out terms of reference for positions and reporting structures. Most importantly, it also means stepping in to arbitrate or find help if "glitches" occur in the daily operations of the team.

The committee usually meets once a month on a Monday, but individual members often have meetings with staff on a one-to-one basis as well.

Bruce Moor, chair

Linda Badke

Stuart Eberhard

Kathryn Patton

Barb Plante

David Wake


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