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Council Committees: Nominating

Do you know a lot of FSA people and do you have a fair idea of their capabilities and commitment to church life? If so you would fit right in here.

Members derive slates of names to serve on the various committees of Council and to serve on special committees which Council requires from time to time in order to fulfill its mandate. These slates are then approved at the annual congregational meeting. Each year, the nominating committee reviews the current membership of each committee and ensures recognition at the ACM for those who have served their term (usually three years) and wish to step down.

The committee meets intermittently at the call of the chair, who is, by the constitution of Council, the past president of Council.

Bob Swartman, chair

Glenda Baldwin

Michael Feeney

Bob Kennedy

Heather Locking-Cusolito

Rev. Michelle Down, staff


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