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Council Committees: Planning

Are you a bit of a visionary, not content with how things are if you think they might be better? Do you have some knowledge of how community agencies interact with one another? Can you be patient and a diplomat when trying to get others onside with your ideas? Hoorah! This is your spot!

This is an ad hoc committee of Council charged with looking into the crystal ball and determining what First-St. Andrew's future will look like. Members are expected to be "idea people" who know a bit about community demographics or are not afraid to find out. The goal is to create plans for the future of the church and ensure that they are communicated effectively to the congregation so that the collectively energy of FSA can be marshalled toward new goals.

The committee meets at the call of the chair. Members may have assigned tasks between meetings and be expected to bring reports back for full discussion and consensus-building.

  • Steve Elson (Chair)
  • Kerry Hill
  • Barrie Evans
  • Bob Swartman
  • Rev. Michelle Down (ex officio)



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