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FAQs: Can I rent space at First-St. Andrew's?

A. Members/adherents of FSA, church organizations and designated outreach* groups may use church facilities for little or no charge. However, exceptional fees (which may be dependent on duration of rental) could include:

  • the cost of a custodian for set-ups and cleanup.
  • security costs
  • a minimum set-up fee for certain events, like small recitals.
  • There are also occasions when FSA members/adherents use a room for a small non-church gathering and we ask that an appropriate donation to the church be made.

*An outreach activity (or group) is related to work deemed to encourage/support the mission of First-St. Andrew's United Church as determined by the Property Committee.


B. Individuals and organizatons with no direct association with the church pay a very reasonable charge based on the type of usage. For this group there may be additional costs for

  • providing entrance access
  • security
  • use of church-owned furniture and equipment
  • cleaning, etc.

Profit vs. not-for-profit utilization will be taken into account when fees are levied.

For information about booking the church for weddings and funerals follow the links.

The Sanctuary (Capacity about 500), Chapel (Capacity about 125) (with seating configurtion of your choice), Proudfoot Hall (Seated capacity about 200) (with seating configuration of your choice) and the Kitchen (which is adjacent to Proudfoot Hall) are all available for rental.


All persons/groups, in Category B above, will be required to complete a contract. Contracts must be arranged through the designated Rental Agent of the Property Committee of First-St. Andrew's United Church.

A cash deposit (determined by the Rental Agent) along with proof of insurance must be provided at the time of signing of the contract. This deposit will be refunded if written or email cancellation is received at least 90 days prior to the rental date.

Renters are required to:

  • accept responsibilty for any and all damages, loss and cleanup to the property arising from use.
  • provide proof of liability insurance, if available.
  • where applicable, pay rental and all additional fees outlined in the contract, payable to "First-St. Andrew's United Church" within 30 days of the invoice date.
  • refrain from taping, tacking or pinning anything on the walls or doors of the facility without first getting permission from the Rental Agent..
  • refrain from propping open exterior doors at an time. Therefore, the renter must arrange someone to open doors during the event since they are routinely locked at all times.
  • provide adequate event supervison and ensure that attendees remain in the vicinty of the rented space. Wandering thorugh the church is not permittted.
  • take responsiblity after the event for:
    • wiping down tables,
    • returning all furniture/equipment to its original place
    • placing garbage and recyclables in appropriate disposal bins
    • checking washrooms regularly during the event.
    • reporting any damage to facilities or equipment to the church office as soon as possible.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the building.
  • No alcohol is permitted on church property without pre-arranged and appropriate approvals and permits.
  • Food and drink are prohibited unless specified in the rental contract.
  • Regular Church business has priority for the limited on-site parking available. Parking for patrons of rental activities is available on the street, at nearby public lots and at City Hall.
  • A booking may be cancelled, at the discretion of the church administrator in consultation with the minister(s) if it interferes with a funeral.
  • Use of objects (risers, lights, sound equipment, and any other electrical equipment) in the sanctuary must be approved by the Property Committe or its agent.
  • Electrical equipment must be insalled by a certified electical contractor.
  • Fire exits must be kept free at all times. (Renters will receive information regarding the fire regulations and emergency exit routes of the church.)

Contact the church office, or 519-679-8182


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