Do you love to make and listen to music? Had some experience with choral or instrumental groups? Have some administrative skills as well? Are you aware of the London music scene and its richness so that you can give perspective on how FSA can effectively fit into that milieu? Sounds like you're just right for the Music Committee!

P.S. If you are musically inclined, you might want to join one of our musical groups

The Music Committee works closely with the Director of Music and is the administrative and planning body for all FSA adult and children's music programs. When special events such as the concerts of the "Music at FSA" series come along, the committee looks after appropriate arrangements and publicity. The fund-raising arm of the committee is the "Friends of Music" program. Find out more about that from our "CONCERTS" page

The committee meets approximately every second month after church on a Sunday at the call of the chair

Merran Neville, chair

Jane Archer-Smith

Glenda Baldwin

Jordan Baldwin

Paul Cooper

Ardath Finnbogason-Hill

Ann MacPhail

Janis Wallace

Margaret Wardlaw

Terry Head, staff


Terry Head

Director of Music


First-St. Andrew's United Church

350 Queens Ave. at Waterloo, N6B 1X6