LEADER: Jocelyn Hoevenaars


DETAILS: This group of exuberant youngsters, ranging from 4 to 8 years, sings at our Sunday worship service several times a year. Their music and earnest faces inspire us all.


REHEARSALS: Wednesday nights at 6:30, right after "Sing for Your Supper," from September through to early May.





LEADER: Terry Head.


DETAILS: In addition to singing frequently for Sunday worship service, these young people put on an annual children's musical for the congregation, usually in the early spring. The image at the right is from one of those productions.


REHEARSALS: Wednesday nights at 6:30 from September through early May.




LEADER: Terry Head


DETAILS: Our senior choir leads the music at our worship services and regularly participates in the "Music at First-St. Andrew's" concert productions . Some music-reading ability and prior choral experience are helpful and a commitment to regular attendance is essential.


REHEARSALS: Thursday nights at 7:30 from September through June.




Leader: Terry Head


DETAILS: Our Laudamus Bell Choir is a friendly group of musicians who play at worship services about once a month. New members are welcome. Prerequisites include an ability to read music and knowledge of music to approximately the grade 6 level. Special training on bells is provided.


REHEARSALS: Thursday afternoons at 1:30 from September through June.




History of the Eberhard Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Eberhard Memorial Music Scholarship Fund was initiated in the spring of 1988 to recognize a family vital in the membership of the congregation of First-St. Andrew’s United Church (FSA), London, Ontario. It was initially named the R.S. “Rudy” Eberhard Music Scholarship Fund in recognition of Rudy Eberhard’s many years of service to FSA. In his 79 years of membership in the church, Rudy sustained an avid interest in the Ministry of Music and all facets of the music program.
Memorial contributions and generous gifts from the Eberhard family and others following his death in 1998 allowed the start of this fund to help perpetuate a quality music program at First-St. Andrew’s.
Using the income from the fund, scholarship support was promised for one or more vocalists to gain experience in church music and contribute to the wonderful voices of our senior choir. Part of this fund resulted from the “Barbara Eberhard” Trust which was amalgamated with the Eberhard Scholarship funds. These funds are in memory of Barbara Eberhard, first wife of Stuart, who died tragically in a motor accident in 1975. The initial capital contributed at that time was used to buy new choir gowns.
Rudy loved the music produced by a string of very fine music directors. He had an abiding appreciation for the entire music program and upon his death in 1988, the trust began to be maintained by the Board of Trustees of FSA. It is from this fund that the expenses are paid for the student vocal members of the choir from Western University (University of Western Ontario). The Director of Music, in consultation with the Selection Committee of the Music Committee, chooses them annually. The chosen scholar(s) are known as the “Eberhard Scholars”.


The Eberhard Family at FSA

The Eberhard family tree has deep roots at FSA. The current generation has great-great grandparents on both sides that initiated the connection to music within FSA.
“Rudy” Eberhard was enrolled in “Cradle Roll” in 1914 at age 5.  He had 14 years of “perfect
attendance” at Sunday school and outdone only by his brother, Ken, who had 17 years of “perfect
attendance”. Rudy and Ken both attended and enjoyed the “TUXUS” youth group – a group of church friends of which music was a part of the program. He became a “ranger” leader in this popular movement.

Helen Pauline (Janes) Eberhard, wife of Rudy Eberhard sang in the contralto section of the senior choir of FSA for over 50 years. Helen served under several music directors starting with Harvey Robb and retiring during Paul Merritt’s tenure. Helen passed away in 2006. Helen’s mother, Pauline Mowat was the contralto soloist at First Church from 1898-1906. She was reported in the London Telegram as “London’s Favorite Contralto” and was well known for her “Scottish Songs”. She also sang professionally at the Grand Theatre in London with a well-known tenor, Charles Wheeler. At the time, she was also a professional “head-liner” at the St. Mary’s Opera House.
Sister to Pauline was Lillian Mowat who was the soprano soloist at St. Andrews from 1906-1909. Ivy Mowat (another sister – one of 8 siblings, 5 brothers and 3 sisters, all of whom attended First Church) was also in the choir.
Helen was the daughter of a Baptist Minister but attended King Street United when first moving to London. She joined FSA in 1940 after her marriage to Rudy, by that time a long time member of the church, with his family, brother, Ken and parents, Mr. Charles and Beatrice Eberhard.
The children of Rudy and Helen all attended the “Cradle Roll” at FSA. Stuart was baptized in 1943, John in 1945, Jane in 1949 and Peggy in 1952. All have been active at FSA when living in the London area. Currently, Stuart (a member of the nominating committee for the Director of Music), John (a past Chair of Council, the Official Board and now co-chair of the Board of Trustees), Jane, (Ministry & Personnel Committee) are lifelong members on the Historic Roll of FSA. There are grandchildren (14 in total) and many were baptized and attended Sunday school at FSA. The 5th generation, while spread around the world, continues to enjoy the 7th pew on the right side of the sanctuary when able to attend. This is the very pew that patriarchs Charles and Rudy occupied for so many decades.


The Eberhard Memorial Music Scholarship Fund Terms of Reference


General qualifications of the candidate:

  • typically, being enrolled in the Don Wright Faculty of Music at Western University with a skill set that includes:
    • having some previous musical training
    • ability to read music
    • having an ongoing interest in church music
  • possessing personal qualities for working with a variety of music people under the supervision of the Director of Music at FSA
  • have assets including:
    • previous choral experience
    • some keyboard experience
    • a willingness to participate in several dimensions of the music program at FSA


Responsibilities of the Successful Scholar

The spectrum of involvement may be different for different individuals based on variables such as the personal qualification and abilities of the candidate and the music program of the church at the time. The details will generally be determined in discussion between the scholar and the Director of Music before the appointment is finalized. Any scholar is expected to be an active member of the senior choir and contribute to other components of the music program such as:

  1. participating in regular choir practices and the weekly Sunday 10:30 services and special performances
  2. other FSA music programs such as the “teens”, “God Squad”, “Sing for Your Supper”, Junior Joyfuls, Joyful Singers, Laudamus Bells, or special musical activities

Length of Term

The scholarship is appointed normally for eight or 10 months, depending on the agreement between the selection committee and the scholar. A scholar may reapply for an extension. The appointment may be cancelled by either party upon four weeks written notice.


Selection of the Scholar

In recognition that one likely pool of applicants will be from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at Western University, the selection date will be April for a position beginning in September of that year. The selection will be made by the Selection Committee.


Selection Committee

The Selection Committee is a subcommittee of the Music Committee of FSA. The membership shall be composed of:

  1. The chair of the Music Committee
  2. the Director of Music
  3. one member of the Music Committee; and,
  4. one member of the senior choir

The committee has the power to add members.

Management of the Fund

The fund is maintained as a segregated restricted fund in perpetuity within the various accounts managed and invested by the Board of Trustees (the Board) of FSA. The Board shall invest the fund according to its investment policy. The restricted fund, its capital appreciation and generated revenue is managed by the Board of Trustees for the sole benefit of the program under the oversight of the Music Committee of FSA. Only the interest from the fund may be distributed by the Board for use by the Music Committee.
The fund is intended to be endowed. No portion of the capital of the fund shall be used for purposes of payment to a scholar or for any other purpose. As of the time of the implementation of these terms of reference, the Board of Trustees shall provide 4% of the capital of the fund on an annual basis for purposes of providing the scholarship(s). This percentage shall be reviewed (and modified if necessary) by the Board and the Music Committee from time to time and they will observe the following operational guidelines:

  1. The Board shall advise the music committee of the status of the fund from time to time and the available annual income for scholarship purposes.
  2. The Board shall monitor the fund under regular basis and consult with the Music Committee from time to time as to the amount of money being made available for the scholar year beginning in September of each year.
  3. The Board shall arrange for scheduled payments (usually monthly), from the income portion of the fund to the scholar upon direction from the Music Committee.
  4. During the tenure of the scholarship, the funds will be used only for the support of the scholar(s). In any given year it is possible that two or more scholarships could be offered and on occasions no scholarship being awarded. The amount of money paid to scholar(s) within the available funds each year shall be determined at the discretion of the Director of Music.


Termination of the Fund:

Any decision to terminate this fund will be made by the Church Council of FSA on the advice of the Music Committee and the Board of Trustees. In such an event, all monies in the fund would be used in support of some other aspect of music of the church as recommended by the Music Committee.

In the event of the dissolution of the congregation of FSA, the balance of funds maintained in the trust shall be delivered to the Board of Trustees for distribution in accordance with such declaration of dissolution and delivered to the successive congregation or other party implementing, as closely as possible, the policy and expectations referred to in the administration of the fund at FSA. In these unforeseen events, it would be regarded as a courtesy to keep the benefactor family informed.



Terry Head

Director of Music


First-St. Andrew's United Church

350 Wellington St. at Waterloo, N6B 1X6