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Staff Directory (alpha order)

  • Our general email address is:
  • Our phone number is: 519-679-8182
  • Our street address is: 350 Queens Ave, London, ON, N6B 1X6
Jane Dockrill
Youth and Young Family Coordinator
Telephone Ext. 4
Michelle Down
Minister of Congregational Life
Telephone Ext. 1
In Emergencies - 519-709-9554 (cell phone)
Terry Head
Director of Music
Telephone Ext. 3
George Jolink
Custodian (part time)
Church Rental Agent
For rental inquiries, please contact
David McKane
Minister of Visitation
Minister Emeritus
Church Office
Paul Merritt
Organist Emeritus
Tim Miedema
Facilities Manager
Telephone Ext. 6
Jo Ann Silcox
Congregational Visitor
Kathryn Skelly
Administrative Assistant
Telephone Ext. 0
Barry Tiffin
Atrium Steward

Heather Vouvalidis
Church Administrator
Telephone Ext. 5


350 Queens Ave. at Waterloo St. London ON, N6B 1X6 • 519-679-8182 •
Office Hours Tues - Fri. 9am to 2pm

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